Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are our frequently asked questions. If your question is not in here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

What is a wedding videographer?

Using experience and creativity, a ‘Wedding Videographer’ will capture on film your wedding day. The skill of a good wedding videographer is being discreet/un instrusive, knowledgable of camera equipment, a creative mind for filming and framing fantastic shots and also being quick to react to key live moments on your wedding day i.e. car arrival.

Why choose a wedding videographer?

Please see below our three reasons as to why we recommend a ‘Wedding Videographer’ for your own wedding day…

1. We are professionals… Take the stress away from a friend or family member and a professional experienced wedding videography company produce the finest wedding day film.

2. Don’t just look… You will see, hear and experience the things you might have missed on the day, such as the groom’s preparations or your guests arriving at the church before your arrival.

3. Keep the memory… You’ve spent good money on your one special day so having a documented, elegantly produced wedding film is something you will treasure forever and show you family and friends… and possibly children one day!

Are there any hidden costs?

If your wedding is within Hertfordshire, Essex, Bucks and Bedfordshire then no extra travel/accomodation costs are added. Our studio is based in Hertfordshire. For this reason, part of our planning is to be as close to your event location the night before. A local B&B is usually perfect to avoid any worry of traffic on the big day!

We know what we want so how do we book you?

Simple. Let us know via telephone or email. We will then forward you a ‘booking form’ for you to complete, sign and then return back to us.

Do you charge a deposit for making a booking?

Yes, to secure your booking/date for our services, we ask for a £200 (non refundable deposit in advance) of the total amount. We then ask for the outstanding balance to be paid 4 weeks before the day.

How do I know you will make a good video of my wedding day?

We ensure that your event will be filmed and stylishly edited to create a story of your special occasion. We are happy to pass on reviews from our previous clients for confirmation of their experiences with us and services we provided. However, most importantly, do you like our films? Check out the previews of our wedding films to give you a taste of what we do! We always, take the time to meet with you too prior the special day to gather all the wishes and information about your event.

What will your services be on the day of our event?

Our camera person will attend the key locations your event is held at. He/She will then start filming all aspects from e.g. the venue from outside to guests arriving; at all different angles and perspectives. Our aim is to be as non-intrusive to you as possible, a bit like a ‘fly on the wall’. Of course, all details and requests will be discussed and approved with you before your event date.

When will I receive the final edited film?

Lets face it…this is the important one! We will have your final mastered film printed, packaged and sent to you within 10 -16 weeks after your music choices arrive to our studio. We can also offer a service of uploading your ‘Highlights film’ online. This is a huge benefit for you to share the film with family and friends, who possibly live abroad, to watch your special day. We cannot stress enough how much effort and passion goes into creating your film; so we do our very best to update you throughout the editing process so you know how things are going.

Do you offer a discount on mid week weddings?

Yes! We have found that more couples are taking advantage of mid week wedding deals from a lot of lovely venues offering better prices. So because of this we offer a £50 discount on our packages. Please note, this offer is for weddings on Monday (excluding bank holidays) – Thursdays, which happen in the autumn/winter months from September – March and in Hertfordshire, Essex and Bedfordshire only. We hope this deal can help you out!

Do you know any good photographers?

We work along side photographers every week. If you would like our recommendations on them or any other wedding service please let us know during our meeting and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

Who chooses the music for our film?

The music for your film is chosen by you. We can certainly be on hand to advise what works best and help you choose though if you wish.

Do you charge more for Church weddings?

No and we do not charge less for a civil weddings either. Of course we are also aware a lot more happens in a religious ceremony too. But please keep in mind that when we film weddings that the marriage part is filmed in full, regardless of the traditions. The marriage parts are the declarations, vows, I do’s and ring exchange. The readings are filmed in full too, if requested. The other parts of the ceremony i.e hymns, blessings and sermons are filmed in a montage style which usually work best and allow for more enjoyable viewing too. If you require a full church service to be filmed then please let us know in advance as this is not included within the package prices and something we would bespoke quote for.

Some, but not all churches will charge an additional fee to couples who wish to have their wedding filmed. There is no set rule for this and each house of worship will charge their clients according to their own rules. SOVP are not liable for this fee, however, please always mention to your church or religious centre that we work un-intrusively, are fully insured and do not move about during the ceremony.

How long have you been filming weddings for?

SOVP have been established since 2009 and since those humble days we have grown into one of the most respected wedding and event videography producers in the UK. We are recommended suppliers at many wonderful wedding venues across the UK; which we proudly see as a reflection of the service and personality we provide to our clients and respected wedding industry friends. SOVP hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurances.  SOVP is a trading name for Aston Media Productions Ltd.  Our team has grown in experience and creativity since day one and we plan to continue growing, learning and capturing memories for many years to come.

For more info/history about SOVP, please see our ‘About Us’ page on this website.

Can you film our event in 4K?

Of course! SOVP have been filming events and business promo films in 4K Ultra HD for quite a while now. We offer our clients to upgrade the quality from HD to 4K for an additional fee from £450 of the package price. The extra fee is to go hand in hand with the extra storage we need to back up, computer systems to edit the films and also the specialist cameras required to film at such high resolutions.

We are having a Greek wedding is this included within the package price advertised?

The short answer is yes and no.

But let us explain…There is nothing we love more than a big Greek wedding! From the morning blessings all the way until the money dance we love the atmosphere and passion.

We are highly experienced in all cultures of wedding ceremonies/events. But as we all know there are ALOT more elements in Greek wedding traditions for filming; so because of this the quote for a Greek wedding, and in fact all non Civil and Church of England weddings, are quoted accordingly to the wishes of our client.  Sometimes these wishes fit well with our packages, but if they do not then SOVP will let you know and so a bespoke quote can be arranged.

So please let us know more about your day, coverage for the film, locations, number of guests and we will send you a recommended videography quotation. If you are then happy with the quote a pre-wedding film meeting is arranged to discuss all in further detail.

The same thinking applies for all other wedding traditions too for example Jewish, Asian and Muslim weddings.

Can you send us a copy of a previous wedding video?

Our discretion and privacy for our clients is really important to us. And this includes before and ‘after’ the event day. For this reason, we feel it wrong to simply send all the private memories of another families special day to complete strangers. We do however, always warmly invite new couples interested to view our previous work to the screening room at our studio in Hertfordshire. All our highlight films shared via our website are with permission from our lovely previous clients; and we hope give a taste of the style of film production we deliver.

What do you wear on the film day?

All our SOVP wedding and event videographers are smartly dressed with shoes, shirts, jackets and trousers. If any particular dress code is required for your party/event then please let us know.