This is SOVP.

A decade of experience in film production and wedding/event films; Special Occasion Video Productions (SOVP in short) was founded in 2009 by film producer and creative director Martin. After having worked in London in West-End theatre and corporate broadcasting capacities, in 2008 he was diagnosed with cancer and after his recovery he decided to finally take the leap to set up his own company to capture those precious memories for brides, grooms and their families.  Afterall, a memory like a wedding is simply priceless when all is said and done.

After having filmed many hundreds of events, the company is an established and experienced film company in the wedding and event sector. The team has grown too and is now a production suite for experienced and creative camera people (Melissa, Tom, Patrick and Paul) and sound and video editors (Martin, Paul and Ian).

Our expertise in video production means you can trust us that your special day is perfectly documented; including the smallest details that you so carefully planned in the months before.  Your wedding day film will tell all the emotions you felt on the day itself.

And then you can sit back, relax, and press play on your most special day!

A friendly creative team

We are a friendly team of creative people and capturing your special memories is our aim. On the day, you can trust us to be as unobtrusive as we can so you and your family and other guests feel as comfortable as possible.  We are true minimalists so you or your guests will not feel like a ‘film crew’ has arrived.  We will be the flies on the wall that capture every lovely detail of your beautiful day.

Beautiful wedding films

Using only professional film and sound equipment, our service is to capture your special occasion and then produce a beautiful emotive film that you can cherish forever.  Our films are natural and not directed, so you and your guests will feel comfortable at all times.

SOVP feel it’s extremely important that our style and production match what you want for your wedding film. We always offer a free meeting at our studio for us to meet, discuss your special day and then to decide if we are a good fit. After all, your wedding film is something you will treasure forever so it’s important to us that you feel 100% happy with your choice of film makers!